picture of a child receiving gifts from the Instant Happiness Project 2019

A dinner of appreciation was organized by DeWill A Klengar Foundation, Belau Wellness Center, and Pacific Academic Institute for Research in order to recognize the donors of the Instant Happiness Project 2019 at Palasia Hotel on February 26th.

The 100+ donors contributed money in order to make 105 underprivileged kid’s dreams come true during the Christmas season. Pearl Marumoto of Belau Wellness Center mentioned that the kids wrote a wish list and were given what they want.

According to the survey conducted by the NGO’s responsible for Instant Happiness 2019, an almost unanimous 99% were happy with gifts that they received from this project and a 100% wouldn’t change what they were given.

These children were chosen through the help of the Palau Community Action Agency Headstart Program and are living in a household that earns $9000 per year at most. Some of these kids also don’t have access to three meals a day.

Although there’s no in-depth study of the poverty in Palau, however, there’s still a situation analysis done by these NGO’s in order to recognize that there is a level of poverty present in Palau.  Going on its 3rd year, Instant Happiness started off with 35 kids and the numbers continued to grow each passing year. (Telbakes Yano)