On behalf of Palau NOC, we thank the Mindszenty High School Principal and students for choosing Palau National Olympic Committee as one of the agencies for this year’s CSW Job Shadow Program.

The following students, Ngirur Mad, Rosang Masang, Aliyah Mayer, and Luis Ngirkelau chose Palau NOC office. Each NOC Staff were assigned to each student, Ngirur worked with Palau NOC Secretary General Baklai Temengil and had an opportunity to sit in 3 meeting to observe the managerial level. Rosang was assigned to Marketing, Solidarity & Events department to assist with the Student-Athlete Scholarship program. Aliyah was assigned to work with a Sports education program and Special Olympics and Luis with Sports Development Unit. They each had a chance to participate firsthand in the 1st initial Belau National Games meeting leading up to the opening of the game in June 2023.  In addition, Travis Clapp is at the NOC Office until May as part of the PHS Practicum program. Clapp is assigned to Finance and SDO Unit supporting ongoing projects on audit and sports for development.

In other news, The Palau NOC congratulate the Palau Judo Federation (PJF) new Executive Board elected last week by PJF members. The new President is Jennifer Anson, Vice President Kimiyo Nakamura, Secretary Emeraech Swords, and Treasurer Loreen Sugiyama. The Palau NOC wishes to highlight and recognize Palau Judo Federation, as the first national sport federation in Palau to achieve 100% women in a sports board leadership.   The Palau NOC also extend appreciation to past President Ismael Aguon for his leadership and coaching to Judo program.  Congratulations Palau Judo Federation.

In the National Team Palau preparation for the 2023 Micronesian Games in July, the Palau Softball Federation and the Palau NOC has confirmed and agreed to send only the women fastpitch team to the Micronesian Games in the Marshall Islands.  The decision was made due to only women fastpitch in the program for Belau Games, consistency of ongoing programs, budget and lead up to the 2025 Pacific Mini Games to be hosted in Palau, where only women fastpitch is in the program and baseball.  The women fastpitch have been a targeted sports for women participation with strong interest to further develop the sport not only in the community, but schools and more participation in regional competitions.  It was also agreed that there is a need to further development of a consistent and sustainable softball for both men and women to attract more players, particularly pitchers’ development and training.  Women Softball fastpitch will be the targeted sports for women preparation in the lead up to the 2025 Mini Pacific Games in Palau.

For more information about sports programs and activities related to upcoming events of Belau Games, Micronesian Games, and Pacific Games, please contact the Palau NOC Office at 488-6562.

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