Santy Asanuma was sworn in as Palau’s Post Master General.

By: Olkeriil Ngirudelsang

At the Post office in Koror yesterday, Santy Asanuma was sworn in as Palau’s Post Master General. As new Post Master General, he pledged to speed up the duration of mail delivery and strive to catch illegal drugs from passing through the post office. These he said are the specific mandates President Surangel Whipps Jr. expected to see.
In his long remarks at the swearing in ceremony, the President conveyed his confidence in Mr. Asanuma’s ability to take on the job. Whipps described him as “a man who could be trusted”. Citing his experience as a former Senator and Chairman of the Board of Red Cross, President Whipps further introduced Asanuma as a person with the heart for public service.
Asanuma also revealed in his remarks that “currently we only have 2,825 mail boxes in our post office”. He further added that Palau has secured $980,000 dollars from the United States Postal Services to build in second post office in Airai state. Although it has not been identified where the exact place his proposed post office will be built, it is expected to house five thousand more additional mail boxes.
All post offices have a post master overseeing its operations. However, a post master general is the overarching person tasked to oversee multiple post masters and their post office’s daily operations. In the future if a post office in Airai opens its doors, its post master will also be under the supervision of Mr. Asanuma. Santy Asanuma as Palau’s post master general, will be succeeding the last post master general Timothy Sinsak who vacated his post after being elected delegate to the national congress representing Ngarchelong state.
As required by law, Asanuma was appointed by President Whipps and confirmed by the Senate where he got the support of 11 out of 13 Senators.

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