Human Rights lawyer Ben Lomai who is representing over 700 Asylum seekers and refugees in the country has filed a new Supreme Court application asking the court for their release to Australia.


Lomai said he filed the new enforcement of human rights application (section 57 of the Constitution) Friday at the Supreme Court.

“We have filed for 731 applicants so far. There are still some that we have yet to include. These are the ones living in Australia and those that have returned back to their country of origin. We might be looking at 900 plus eventually,” he told Loop PNG.

He said the state was also served notice of the new application that was filed Friday.

The application was filed after the Supreme Court on Oct 27 dismissed two other applications they filed. They were dismissed on grounds of technicality, citing that the applications were not signed by the individuals.

The two enforcement of human rights applications, were not signed by the Asylum Seekers as applicants but their lawyer, Ben Lomai upon their instructions……PACNEWS