Still below 2015 numbers for the same month

By: L.N. Reklai

(Koror, Palau)  August visitor arrival statistics released by Palau Visitors Authority for the month August 2016, shows an increase of 6% in total arrivals compared to July.

Despite increase in recent months, the overall arrival numbers for this August is still below the August 2015 numbers by 14.62% according to the released records.


The total arrival from January to August of this year is 97,998.  Compared same period last year, the total arrivals for this year is 13.41% lower than last year.

With 3 more months to go and given the average monthly arrivals of about 12,247, Palau may reach 139,474 by the year end.  2015 year end total arrival was at 161,931.

People’s Republic of China (PRC) continue to be the lead market with 50.82% of the market share.  There is an increase in the Japan market compared to last month due to ANA inaugural flight.  Japan continues to be the second lead market with market share of 21.58%, followed by Republic of China (ROC) with 11.57%.

Other markets, Korea, USA and Europe still show decline.  People’s Republic of China continue to show largest arrival decline compared to last year, but also continues to have the overall leading market share of 50.82%.

Palau is serviced by 11 airlines, 3 are scheduled airlines and 9 are scheduled charters.  All Nippon Airways started its scheduled charter flight at the end of August and is set to fly 6 times this September. [/restrict]