Marine Law Enforcement (DMLE) Chief Victor Remengesau said that their aim is to have the full prosecution of those who will be found liable for ‘finning’ sharks in Palau’s diving sites.

Chief Victor, in an interview, said that that they have already talked to the Koror State Rangers about the incident but have so far not been briefed about the particulars of the investigation.

The DMLE, in partnership with other concerned agencies, is focusing their operations in famous diving sites of Palau, the chief said.

The DMLE, according to the chief, is providing assets that are much needed in the conduct of the investigation such as a boat, etc.

Chief Victor fears that the recent harvesting of marine species might be the doings of some residents, adding that he believed this is an activity that is done at night.

“It is not just sharks but it also includes out of season species or protected species that they are providing for a market,” Chief Victor said.

The DMLE will also be looking at places where the harvested marine species could have ended up.

Fish and Wildlife Protection Chief Temdiik Ngirblekuu, meanwhile, said that their office has yet to meet with the Koror State Rangers to discuss the results of their investigations but assured that they are intensifying their efforts in looking out for poachers.

The Times previously reported that divers spotted some sharks with missing dorsal fins in Palau’s famous diving sites.

Divers previously said in an interview that the clean cut on the sharks’ fins suggested that they were done deliberately.

Palau’s law, the RPPL 9-49 (181), prohibits the fishing or removal of sharks’ fins or intentionally injuring them.