Pictured is BWCC Vice President Ms. Kebesei Mesubed presenting the donation to PCS Executive Director Ms. Michelle Ngirutang.

On December 3rd, 2021, Palau Conservation Society (PCS) was delighted to receive a generous donation from Babeldaob Waste Collection Company (BWCC).  The company was founded by Mr. Ephram Polycarp and opened up for business in February of 2021. BWCC serves as a private contractor for operating trash collection systems throughout Babeldaob. BWCC collects trash from various sites such as residential households, state offices, schools and public parks.

BWCC is sincerely committed to conserving Palau’s natural resources as well as to protecting the environment. As a testament to their commitment, BWCC partnered with the national government to mainstream their waste management services across the ten states throughout Babeldaob.  WCC owner Mr. Polycarp believes that protecting the environment is not just the responsibility of one entity, but rather it is the shared responsibility of the business sector as a whole. Businesses have a social responsibility to do their part in ensuring that their business will benefit both Palauans as well as the environment for future generations.

On behalf of the PCS board and staff, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to Mr. Polycarp and BWCC for their support in protecting the environment. Any company or interested individuals wishing to make a donation is encouraged to contact PCS Executive Director Ms. Michelle Ngirutang at 488-3993, or via email at mngirutang@palauconservationsociety.org.

Kom Kmal Mesulang!

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