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The National Emergency Management office issued a statement on Wednesday this week stating that the weather is an inclement in weather is expected throughout the weekend.

NEMO has also prohibited travel to the state of Anguar as water conditions at Anguar and areas outside reef are relatively rough.

Light to heavy isolated thunderstorms and windier conditions that may slightly increase during periods of heavy rainfall are predicted. However, the conditions are said to gradually improve by early next week.

NEMO has warned that sea and surf conditions are hazardous. The public is reminded to secure any loose items around their residences and to take precaution when driving for possible flooding, landslides mudslides and debris.

Last month, Palau experienced heavy rainfall ranging from 5.93 to 10.02 inches that caused flooding, landslides/mudslides and fallen debris in some areas of Babeldaob.

Director Brian Melairei of Public Works said that one big landslide occurred in Ngaraard and two landslides occurred in Ngchesar which were at north of agriculture building and south of jungle river cruise

NEMO received criticism from the public last month for not informing about the conditions earlier to which the Executive Director of NEMO Wayamine Towai said, “We have had complaints from people in the past where they felt like they were ill prepared. In collaboration with weather service we then decided to keep the threshold as 25mph to be safe. Previously there was no threshold.”

NEMO can only give out notices when the weather service using scientific means can convey the conditions.

“These are not things set in stones, these are forecasts. The closer the weather, the more accurate the reading will be,” Towai said.

He added that the Special Weather statements are given out two days before for accuracy.

The updates on weather is given on the radio on regular basis at 5 AM and 5PM and the Special Weather Report is given out on the condition of wind speed. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)