After several months of assessments, trial runs, and hard labor, the Bai ra Rengarairrai (Airai Bai) tour had its official launch on January 24th, 2019! The Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) and Airai State welcomed several important community partners and gracing the launch was the presence of the lovely First Lady of the Republic of Palau, Mrs. Debbie Remengesau.

Bai ra Rengarairrai is, in fact, the last remaining traditional style bai and remains standing after enduring intervillage wars and natural disasters and is at least over 180 years old! Chades ra Mechorei, which is the last leg of the tour, is a traditional causeway constructed by Palauans in ancient times, demonstrating the skills and intelligence Palauans possessed to create such sophisticated architecture without using any form of technology. Historically, it is a treasured landmark because it played a pivotal role as the boundary for jurisdiction under Reklai and Ibedul, the two paramount chiefs of Palau. In a sense, Airai State served as peaceful, neutral grounds.

Thus, in collaboration with Airai State, we have created and developed a viable tour that is all around clean, culturally rich and sustainable. Utensils and food containers are made of natural material. Restrooms are neat and up to par to an individual’s comfort and standards. Local vegetables and herbs are grown near the bai. Additional seating made out of bamboo has been added to uphold the island feel. With everyone’s shared ideas and cooperation, we have managed to maintain its simplicity however, what makes it memorable, is attention to detail!

Bai ra Rengarairrai is the first stop of the PVA One Stop Shop program and will continue to progress and improve moving forward. Nonetheless, it has transcended beyond your average tour.  It has been morphed and carefully crafted into an experience like no other on the island—where culture, history, traditional performances, and Palauan delicacies are wedded into a one-day experience. It is a vivid representation of what PVA wishes and also encourages other states and businesses to evolve into—something more than the ordinary, creating memorable and unique experiences! Join us in our next tour on January 31st! Book your tour now by calling PVA at 488-1930/2793 (Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM)