Photo Credits: Embassy of Japan

The Embassy of Japan is pleased to announce this year’s Youth Ambassadors from Palau to attend the High School Students Summit on “World Tsunami Awareness Day” 2019 in Hokkaido, which will be held from September 10 to 11 in Japan.

Since 2016, one high school in Palau is provided the opportunity to participate in the annual summit held in Japan, which coincides with the World Tsunami Awareness Day on November 5. This year, five students from Belau Modekngei High School, Worthy Mengeolt, Carlos A. Calvin, Tomoichi C. Ngirngeterang, Zoe K. Earnest and Rhyanne Francisco accompanied by Principal Bedebii Chiokai will visit Japan from September 5 to 12.=

In the summit, 215 students and 43 leaders from 43 countries will participate along with 170 participants from Japan. The summit is a learning platform where all the youth from different countries can come together to share their knowledge and learn from other country’s past natural disaster experiences.

All participants will be divided into small groups to engage in discussions and presentations related to this year’s theme “Passing memories on to the future, preparations for tomorrow”.  Prior to the summit, participants will have a few days to visit famous tourist sites in Hokkaido such as Lake Akan in Kushiro City, as well as visiting local high school for exchange programs.

Through the summit, students will gain knowledge and ideas on what they can do as students to reduce risks for disasters and will also learn about precautionary measures that can be useful to apply in their respective communities.

The summit is also a chance for Youth Ambassadors to learn different cultures, build friendships and connections, where they can continue to share ideas and information even after returning to their countries. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the participants will grow as future leaders in the field of disaster risk management in their own countries. (PR)