Palauan poets and writers gathered at the Keam Café of the Belau National Museum (BNM)to share their fondness for the literary arts through the first poetry night held on May 8.

The poetry night,which was hosted by the Belau National Museum, provided literary artists and those who share interests in the art a venue to showcase their body of works and to talk about ideas to promote local literature.

Belau National Museum Director Olympia E. Morei said that the plan to conduct a poetry night had been on for some time since the same was held during the Festival of Arts some years back.

A total of 10 writers, artist, and known Palauan poets such as Hermana Ramarui and Elicita “Cita”Morei were able to share some insights about poetry and read some of their poems before the other guests.

Director Morei said that another poetry night will be conducted in the same venue on Wednesday, May 15, at 6:30pm.

The poetry night is free for everyone and the museum is encouraging those who are into poetry to join them in the next session and share their poems as well. (By Rhealyn C. Pojas)