Bem Ermii Burger Joint in Koror (Photo courtesy of

As countdown to closing date continues for Bem Ermii Koror (Oreor) site, plan to re-open a new location in Koror is underway.

Bem Ermii Burgers and Fries owner Florence Kerai Ngirmekur says he is looking for a place to continue Bem Ermii in Oreor (Koror). He is looking for a place with good facilities to accommodate customers and employees.

When asked why they are being told to close, he said that since he pays rent for the space, he has to abide by the rules and regulations, even though there are no toilet facilities. He rents out the space from PNOC so when he asked if he could set up a facility, they had declined. Without asking anymore questions he accepted it.

He went on to say that this is not the end and he is in the process of looking for another place. He wants everyone to know that if they know of a place open, they can please contact him by calling Bem Ermii in Airai which will now be open 24/7 at (680)587-4254 or on his cell at 779-4156. (By Kerdeu Uong)