PORT MORESBY, 22 JANUARY 2018 (POST COURIER) — Papua New Guinea’s National Capital District betelnut ban will come into effect on February 28, should vendors and chewers disregard the six month grace period.

Vendors and chewers of the green nut have been warned to clean up their act or the prized green nut will not be allowed to be sold within the city and in residential areas.

The tough call from National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop comes after disregard for the call from members of the public. [restrict)

“By the end of February, and yes I have no hesitation in imposing the ban. If our people do not become responsible, they will have a lot to lose.

“We will be looking at the level of rubbish caused by the betelnut skin, level of spittle all over the city and whether vendors have been respecting the location we have given them to vend.”

No awareness will be carried out as the public should know by now about the betelnut ban, Parkop said.

“I will ensure we have the capacity to impose the ban better to achieve that outcome. Some vendors and chewers have not changed. These ones will be responsible for the ban being imposed if we go back there. So I want to call on the vendors and chewers to take this warning seriously he added. A six month grace period was given in 2017 for betelnut vendors and chewers in the city to show responsibility of betelnut waste and spittle, said Governor Parkop. PACNEWS [/restrict)