Beth Adelbai a.k.a Lillibeth Ann Garcia Sision, was deported on March 23, 2018 to her country of the Philippines when her request to delay deportation pending her application for executive clemency was denied.


Ms. Adelbai had sought executive clemency with support from many locals and Filipinos.  She filed her claim for clemency in February but it takes 60 days for process to be completed and her deportation date was March 23rd, the end of her imprisonment sentence.  Prosecution argued that to delay her deportation was to amend her sentence and the court agreed.

Ms. Adelbai was convicted of crimes of Conversion of Public Funds and Property, Obtaining Government Issued Identification Document Under False Pretenses, People Smuggling, Exploiting Trafficked Persons, Aiding and Abetting Travel Document Fraud and Aiding and Abetting Forgery.  She was sentenced to one year in prison and to be deported upon completion of her prison term.

In her request for executive clemency, she stated that she was deeply affected by her incarceration and that at the base of her actions, her intentions were to “help her company, workers and local individuals secure assistance for themselves…”

Over 700 people signed a letter supporting her request for executive clemency. (L.N. Reklai/Editor)[/restrict]