SUVA, 20 DECEMBER 2019 — As the world reels over the increasing impact of climate change, nations who have been the biggest emitters, have been condemned for not taking into the plight of island nations.

Fijian Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama who recently returned from COP25 in Spain, says it is unbecoming of some nations who continue to only pay lip service.

COP 23 under the leadership of Fiji set the Paris Agreement and come 2020, countries must voluntarily set commitments to speed up the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Bainimarama said the time to stand on the sideline and play a waiting game is long finished and a collective push is needed.

“I have been disappointed and we have seen in the past few years that’s some friends of us have not come on board. In fact some of the biggest emitters have not come on board. They have actually stood on the sideline, which makes it difficult for the rest of the nation’s to do what needs to be done so that we can have nil emissions by 2050.

That’s the target that we going towards. On the path that we currently on, the world’s collective emissions will produce of warming of at least three degrees by century’s end, which will be catastrophic,” he said.

A notable feature in Madrid in the past two weeks was the diabolical behavior of some big emission players.

Bainimarama concurred with this.

“You noticed that the big emitters also kept themselves on the sideline. They were not really part of big discussions with regards to cutting emissions,” said PM Bainimarama…. (PACNEWS)