Koror, Palau – Facing treacherous waters and unfamiliar terrain in a post-COVID world, Palau Conservation Society (PCS) continues to feel the effects of the ongoing pandemic that has left no country unaffected. Despite these unpredictable times, Corporate Partners for Conservation (CPC) continue to show support for Palau’s original local environmental organization.

On July 29, 2021, PCS received a generous donation of $2,500 from the Blue Bay Petroleum Inc. Corporate partners like the Blue Bay Petroleum Inc. know that integrating conservation into our community morals is important and should never be an afterthought. The PCS Board of Directors and staff are grateful to Blue Bay for their yearly commitment to Palau Conservation Society. Any company or interested individuals wishing to make a donation is encouraged to contact call our office at 488-3993, or via email at admin@palauconservation.org.

Mesulang, Blue Bay Petroleum for your loyal support!

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