Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) received $5,000 from Blue Bay Petroleum Incorporated on Thursday, May 31, to support the PICRC 2018 Summer Internship Program.

This is the second year running that Blue Bay has donated to the program and this large contribution will help PICRC fulfill its role in providing educational support to the youth of Palau.

The internship begins on Monday, June 4th and will end on Friday, July 13th. Joining the program this year are Palauan college students Leah Marie Bukurou, Theresa Kimnoy Bultedaob Aten, Meangeldil Ayla Azuma Malsol, Masasinge Tellei Hideos, Mira Eyangel Mariur, and Jenelle Blesam. Each student has been assigned a mentor and a project to complete during their internship.

This program focuses on building science and environmental capacity in Palau’s youth. Over the next six weeks, the interns will participate in a cultural immersion program, conduct their own research project, and gain experience in a professional work environment. The philosophy behind the program is to develop employable skills in Palau’s youth to encourage them to return to Palau upon graduating as the next conservation leaders.

Blue Bay has remained a loyal supporter of many programs relating to the environment and education and has continued to show enormous support for PICRC.  The donations for this program will fund the cultural immersion, which includes building a traditional raft with Airai State Rangers and learning traditional fishing methods from local fishermen. Additionally, the funds will support the expenses of each research project, such as fuel and project materials.

The staff at PICRC are incredibly appreciative of Blue Bay for their devotion to science, education, and the Center.(PR)