bluebay at did ra ngmatel photo from (Blue Bay Palau)

April 10, 2020:  On Friday, April 10, 2020 Blue Bay Petroleum Palau donated $500.00 worth of fuel to the Division of Fire & Rescue, Bureau of Public Safety, Ministry of Justice in support of their DRS’s tireless efforts battling the fires all over Babeldaob during this dry season.  Blue Bay Station/Sales Manager in his letter to the BPS Director Alonz expressed their appreciation for the DFR’s hard work and determination to keep Palau’s residents and the natural environment safe from fires.

The Division of Fire & Rescue in the past several weeks has been working tirelessly especially in the Babeldaob area trying to extinguish fires including delivery of water to the residents in remote areas from Tebadel and other areas in Aimeliik who do not have direct access to the water pipe line. Vice President and Minister of Justice Raynold B. Oilouch joins DFR Chief Godwin Phillip and BPS Director Alonz in extending their sincere appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Ralph Moses and the Blue Bay Petroleum Palau for their support in these tough and challenging times.  KOM MERAL MESULANG.