The Bureau of Marine Resources (BMR) in collaboration with Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) has finally completed the much awaited 2019-2020 Trochus Survey.  The team made up of BMR-PMDC marine technicians and PICRC field researcher was able to survey more than 100 known sites. 

Inclement weather presented great difficulty but the team overcame the bad weather and completed the diving survey from Kayangel to Peleliu this June. At this moment, we are waiting for the data to be reviewed and analyzed by the Republic’s resources scientists at the PICRC before the final assessment with its recommendations is released.

As COVID-19 disrupts our economy, some community members are understandably waiting to see if it’s possible to open a trochus season. However, the law and good governance require that a harvest season can only be declared if the assessment shows it is sustainable.

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