By: Telbakes Yano

Belau National Museum honored the elderly on Senior Citizens Day with a special event called “Senior Moments” at the Belau National Museum.  The event includes an exhibit and music from the past.

BNM Director Olympia Morei said “we wanted to make an event where the senior citizens can come, relax, and enjoy music from their youth.”

 “The senior citizens are the reasons why we are here today and they sacrificed a lot so that we can enjoy our freedom. They also survived through the war.” Said Morei.

The Belau National Museums houses a little exhibit that showcases the stories of some Palauan elderlies that lived through the war.

One elder remembered how there were times where they had to go without food all day long, while another remembered seeing 29 Palauans injured and amongst them was a chief who was tied up and beaten to the point that he lost his hearing.

They have also witnessed death and also remembered moments where they had to wake up in the middle of the night so that they could run away from the crossfires of the war.

It is important to honor and respect the senior citizens of Palau because they carried the Palauan tradition and culture for many years said Director Olympia Morei.

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