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PORT MORESBY, 23 DECEMBER 2019 — Papua New Guinea Police boats used during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Port Moresby will be sent to Madang and Milne Bay to help combat piracy, Police Minister Bryan Kramer says.

“These boats are sitting idle in Port Moresby after APEC which was held last year in November and there is no piracy here also.

“And piracy is going in Madang and Milne Bay so these boats will be sent there.”

Kramer said that the increasing trends of piracy were caused by a breakdown in law and order.

“So this issue on lawlessness didn’t come up yesterday.

“It is a result of complete breakdown in the entire system of government, law enforcement and policing which has now basically put us to where we are facing ongoing law and order issues.

“So focus now is to fix up the force in disciplinary and administration issues.”

Kramer said they were in the process of appointing deputies and other officers following the appointment of the police commissioner.

“I have made it clear to all divisional commanders during a recent workshop that if anyone is caught stealing money, they will go to jail.

“And in our excellence programme, police vehicles will be installed with dashboard cameras, GPS tracking to monitor the movement of police officers and vehicles on patrol. We are also looking at rotating provincial commanders and certain officers to be rotated every two years,” Kramer said…..(PACNEWS)