The Bank of Guam responded to the faults in their check deposit system via ATM where a check of lower value can be deposited by entering a higher amount leading to transfer of money.

In June, Clifton Soalablai, who was President’s Chief Security Guard along with Soalablai’s wife Margie Ngirmidol, was charged with money laundering and theft of a government property when Soalablai allegedly deposited his pay roll check of $524.71 with a false amount of $52,471.

$52,471 was accepted by the BOG ATM and the Office of the Special Prosecutor claims that the money was transferred from the government treasury into Soalablai’s personal account. According to the investigators, Ngirmidol withdrew a total sum of $6,870 in cash from it between 4th and 25th of February.

The case against the couple was filed last month but it is during this time when OSP discovered there has been another false deposit and withdrawal in March and May by Ngirmidol.

When enquired about the procedures in such cases and security mechanisms Bank Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Maria Eugenia H. Leon Guerrero said, “We are unable to share our internal procedures for security reasons.”

She added that Bank has procedures in place to protect against the constantly evolving threats of fraud and money laundering.

“Particularly as consumer preferences for conducting their banking activities are shifting towards digital channels, the Bank is committed to ensuring that these channels are safe and secure,” Guerrero said. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)