A young boy of 13, 7th grader at Ngaraard Elementary School, died tragically on Monday of self-inflicted wound, according to official reports.

The boy, who is a week shy of his promotion to 8th grade, lived with his grandparents in Elab, Ngaraard. He was reportedly found behind their house by his siblings.  His body was brought to the hospital and his funeral is scheduled for today at the Palau Mortuary and will be buried in Elab cemetary in Ngaraard.

“This breaks my heart said,” said Vice President J. Uduch Senior of the incident.  “especially as a mother and having just finished Mother’s Day celebration.  We all feel that loss when a young life is taken.”

“In this instance we wonder if he felt he had no one he could talk to or ask for help…we need to do more”, expressed Vice President Senior of the tragic incident.

Vice President Uduch Senior calls for closer collaboration between service agencies such as  MOJ’s Juvenile Justice, FPA, Domestic Affairs and others to bring needed support to the community.

As of yesterday, there has been no reports of why the young boy took his own life but police investigation is still ongoing.

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  1. Regards to the young boy: doesn’t the BPS need the boys body to investigate more before he’s put to rest? (Because it was a self inflict)

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