A 15-year old Palau High School freshman student, Cade Bedochel Smau, found a lost wallet containing $536 dollars on October 22 and turned it in to his school office and ask if they can find and return the wallet to the owner.

The rare act these days which demonstrated the exemplary character of this young man did not go unnoticed and yesterday, during the ROP Annual Celebration Appreciation Day and Employee of the Year 2019 event, President Tommy E. Remengesau Jr. chose to honor such young man by awarding him the President’s Exemplary Citizen’s Award.

“The young man found a wallet with over $500 dollars, did not have a job or most likely needed the money for things he wants but chose to find the owner and returned the wallet intact,” President Remengesau said of the exemplary character of the boy.

The Exemplary Citizen’s Award comes with $500 cash which the mother of the boy received on his behalf.