Newly-sworn in Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) Director Julio Ometei Ringang , 55, died  early Friday morning, April 7 following a short illness.

Ringang was acting BPS Director for almost a year until he was officially sworn in to the director post on March 29.


He started his career as a police officer in 1992 and moved up the ranks where he has served as chief of Bureau of Correction and the Bureau of Fish and Wildlife.

The late director was in the law enforcement for 25 years until his demise Friday.

In the March 29 swearing in of Ringang as Director, President stated, “if Ometei where to bleed, he would bleed blue. Growing up in a police and law enforcement environment where he trailed behind his late father, Sabino Ringang, a career police officer, Ometei followed his footsteps and joined the force that led to his directorship”.   [/restrict]