OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Washington guard Brandon Jennings accused Golden State of trying to embarrass the Wizards in Sunday night’s 139-115 loss.

Jennings also didn’t back down after shoving JaVale McGee after the Warriors backup center shot a 3-pointer in the final seconds.


“It’s just a rule. I learned it when I first came into the league not to do that,” Jennings said. “You’re already up 20 almost, and then for him to do it, it was like, ‘All right, come on. Chill out. Now you’re trying to embarrass us.”

The Warriors were comfortably ahead by 14 late in the fourth quarter but still had two starters — Draymond Green and Stephen Curry — on the floor. Curry scored five points in the final three minutes to finish with 42, while Green made a 3-poointer with 2:17 left to complete a triple-double.

That both were still playing with the outcome not in doubt miffed several Wizards players. When McGee tried a 3-pointer with the Warriors up 137-115 with 6.9 seconds remaining, Jennings had enough and gave McGee a hard two-handed shove after the ball was shot.

Officials reviewed the play and called a flagrant-1 foul on Jennings.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr later said he was unhappy with McGee’s decision to shoot the ball in that situation and apologized to Wizards coach Scott Brooks.

John Wall said Jennings was justified.

“Whenever a team’s up like that, you’re supposed to just hold the ball and take a shot clock violation,” Wall said. “What Brandon did, I don’t think it was dirty. I think it was the right play. You don’t let nobody try to embarrass you. I think that’s what they were trying to do.”

Jennings called himself an old-school player and said McGee and the Warriors were being disrespectful to the Wizards.

“Thank God he didn’t go to the rack,” Jennings said. “It probably would have been worse for him. At a time like that, I think you should just let the clock run out. I think it was already disrespectful that they were trying to get Draymond Green his triple-double and Steph was out there with 40. I just felt it was disrespectful.

“I’m old school. Like I said, he better be glad he shot that 3 and didn’t go to the rack.” [/restrict]