Photograph of the copy of Xiaoxue Xu's passport photo. The Ministry of Justice's Special Team, based on an investigation, found that the Chinese national Xiaoxue Xu, wife of former Macau gambling triad leader Wan Kuok-koi, had used different names in different passports.

A Chinese woman identified by the Ministry of Justice’s (MOJ) Special Team as the wife of former Macau gambling triad leader Wan Kuok-koi, also known as Broken Tooth Koi, had been denied entry to Palau for alleged falsification of identity.

Vice President and Justice Minister Raynold Oilouch told the Times that the result of the investigation conducted by the Bureau of Immigration and Labor (BOIL) prompted the denial of entry of Chinese national Xiaoxue Xu.

An order dated July 2 issued by BOIL Acting Chief Silverius Tellei revealed that Xiaoxue Xu had visited Palau many times using three different passports and two names.

The order stated that Xu had also entered Palau using a passport bearing another name, Ran Ran Xu. It was further found that Xu’s passports had indicated different birth dates, leading the BOIL to conclude that she is “falsifying her identity.”

Acting Director Tellei, through the order, said that MOJ’s Special Team also dug information that Xu is  involved in illegal business activities in Palau that are now the subject of their ongoing investigations.

“For these reasons, this person – Xiaoxue Xu aka Ran Ran Xu – is declared an ‘undesirable alien’ and that it is in the best interest of the Republic of Palau that she be denied entry into Palau,” the order reads.

Tellei then directed BOIL officers to serve the notice to all airlines and carriers operating in and outside Palau with an instruction to refrain from transporting the Chinese woman.

Meanwhile, Justice Minister Oilouch reiterated the message that although Palau welcomes tourists from different parts of the world, they do not tolerate visitors from conducting any illegal activities here.

Xu was the first person that had been denied entry to Palau over two months after President Tommy Remengesau, Jr. issued an executive order on April 30, 2019 to prevent foreign nationals with criminal history from entering Palau.

“Palau welcomes tourists from all over the world to come and enjoy the beauty of our country, enjoy our water and other tourist activities in Palau. This executive order is geared toward those who intend to come to Palau and undertake criminal activities in Palau or whatever illegal,” Oilouch said, adding that Palau’s current law prohibits felons from coming to and doing business in Palau. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)