CID and Fish &Wildlife Divisions relocated

By: L.N. Reklai

March 9, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Ministry of Justice recently relocated two of its divisions, Crime Investigation Division (CID) and Fish & Wildlife Division.  Fish & Wildlife Division was relocated to Ngardmau Police Substation from their office in the old Archive Building at Ngesekes, Koror. Crime Investigation Division was moved from their office located at the BRT Building of the Ministry of Justice to the former office for Fish&Wildlife.


“The move is made necessary due to the condition of the BRT Building.  It has been condemned, no longer safe for occupation and has to be torn down,” stated Mr. Keiden Kintol, Special Assistant to Vice President and Public Relations.

“There are cracks already on the structure and when it rains, water leaks down inside the building,” added Kintol.

According to report submitted by the Ministry of Justice, it will cost about $100,000 to demolish the 3-story building which is located between the Bureau of Public Safety and Fire Station.  The structure is expected to be demolished and a new structure will be constructed to replace it.

The building currently houses the CID on 2nd and 3rd floors and administrative offices on the first floor including registration and licensing services.

Before demolition, a temporary structure will be constructed to temporarily house the administrative services until new structure is completed.

The relocation of the Division of Fish and Wildlife to Ngardmau substation is seen also as positive move as it will bring the services closer to the Babeldaob States and PAN sites that utilize the services of the Division of Fish & Wildlife.

Due to the relocation, telephone numbers for these two divisions are currently out of order and the Ministry of Justice is providing alternative contact numbers for public to reach if they wish to contact both divisions.  Telephone lines are being connected will be operational shortly, according to MOJ. [/restrict]