Belau Submarine Cable Corporation is nearing completion of its local fiber optic network connecting from Ngeremlengui Cable Landing Station to Airai station.  The underground fiber optic cable network is being placed along the roads from Ngeremlengui, through Ngatpang and Aimeliik to Airai and is expected to be completed next month in February.

The local fiber optic network will greatly boost the internet speed to retail service providers, PNCC, Palau Telecom and Palau Wifi, which would in turn boost speed to customers.

On December 31st to January 1st, 2020, internet users around the island experienced slow connectivity and drop in internet service due to high traffic on the internet around the island and many questioned why with fiber optic, this became an issue.

Currently Palau Telecom and Palau Wifi are using IP Radio to connect to Capacity Access Point (CAP) at Ngeremlengui for internet access.  PNCC is connecting using a very old and limited fiber network.

According to BSCC information, once the network is complete, any of the Retail Service Providers (RSPs) like Palau Telecom, Palau Wifi and Palau National Communications Corporation will be able to connect via fiber cable directly to this network reaching nearly unlimited access speeds.  The best part is that it BSCC will not charge extra for this service as the funds used are the remaining of the earlier loan received from ADB to build out the submarine cable to Palau.

The east-coast side fiber network will be the third stage of the project providing access for nearly unlimited capacity to all Babeldaob States and Koror.