By: L.N. Reklai

August 22, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Belau Submarine Cable Corporation is on track to deliver international connectivity to telecom providers by December of this year said Robbin Russell, CEO of BSCC during a presentation to Belau Tourism Association members on Tuesday.

Belau Submarine Cable Corporation will be providing wholesale bandwidth capacity to telecom providers and those providers will be selling the international connectivity services to customers.  BSCC, says Russell will be offering minimum of 50Mbit/sec.


“The cost of the capacity will go down but it is only small portion of the service provider structure and cost wise it may not really go down,” he added.

Speed will be better as BSCC has access to 500 x Gbps wavelengths on the SEA-US Cable to Guam.  It will also be reliable as it will not be susceptible to weather like current satellites used to bring internet capacity.

Opportunities that can be realized according to Mr. Russell include more new business products.

Telecom service providers are the ones that will have to come up with new business strategies because the speed and capacity that BSCC will bring, will also bring business challenges to traditional telecom providers.

Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) reported that they are preparing themselves to connect to fiber optic cable.

Currently, they are upgrading their core network including migrating from an old switch to state-of-the-art IP based technology, the Next Generation Network (NGN). All services provided by PNCC will be managed or based on this system.

PNCC also reports that they are switching to 4G mobile system scheduled to go live in October for Koror and Airai.  Babeldaob and outlying states will be switched to 3G and 2G will be out of service.

It was reported that there will be two more new mobile phone providers in the market in December. [/restrict]