On October 10, 2017, at the Palau National Gymnasium, the Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) held its Police Formation and Inspection Ceremony. The Vice President/Minister of Justice Raynold B. Oilouch, Attorney General Ernestine Rengiil, Acting Director Alonz, Chief Cleophas of the Division of Criminal Investigations, Acting Chief Ngiraked of the Division of Corrections, Chief Philip of the Division of Fire & Rescue, and Acting Chief Ngiramengior of the Division of Patrol were present to witness the ceremony.


The program began with a Roll Call of police officers, followed by the raising of the Flag, the signing of the National Anthem, and an opening prayer by Detective Gabriel. An inspection of all the police officers was then conducted by the Vice President/Minister of Justice and all the Chiefs of the Bureau.

Following the inspection, the awarding of Certificates for Employees of the Quarter got underway in recognition of the best performing officers. A list of all the awardees and their respective Divisions are at the end of this release.

Vice President/Minister of Justice, Acting Director Alonz and the Chiefs each gave short remarks to close the program. The essence of the messages was to thank the police officers for their dedication, commitment to serve and their hard work. The police officers were reminded to show respect to every member of the community at all times when carrying out their duties. After the remarks, the ceremony came to an end with a closing prayer by Detective Gabriel. It is expected that the formation and inspection will be a regular activity of the Bureau of Public Safety.

The awards recipients are listed below grouped by their Divisions;

Division of Criminal Investigations (CID)
3rd Quarter—Detective Ellington Tengoll
4th Quarter—Detective Sergeant. Harvey Takeshi
Division of Fire & Rescue (DFR);
3rd Quarter—Fire Fighter III Neithan Gallen Adelbai
4th Quarter—Termeteet Bechab
Division of Corrections (DOC);
3rd and 4th Quarter—Police Officer III Hubson Sechalboi
Division of Patrol
(Shift Alpha)
3rd and 4th Quarter—Police Officer III Thomas Tutii, Jr.
(Shift Bravo)
3rd Quarter—Police Officer II Recheked Recheked
(Shift Charlie)
3rd Quarter—Police Officer III Bernice Sisior
4th Quarter—Police Officer I Polloi Corleon
(Shift Delta)
3rd and 4th Quarter—Police Officer Jason Brell [/restrict]