The NFL seemed to formally admit a mistake on Wednesday, when it fined Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Calais Campbell $18,000 for a low hit on Cam Newton that was not penalized.

Campbell’s hit on the Carolina Panthers’ MVP quarterback was reported by USA Today and other outlets. It also set off Newton, who complained in his postgame news conference on Sunday that he didn’t feel safe, and he was going to talk to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about how seemingly illegal hits on him were not penalized. Newton said he felt he wasn’t getting the same protection as other quarterbacks.


Newton wasn’t kidding, either. He confirmed on Wednesday that he spoke with Goodell on the telephone on Tuesday.

“I got my point across. He got his point across. That’s it,” Newton said, according to the Associated Press.

Newton said, via the AP, that Goodell seemed to be receptive to his complaints. Hits to Newton’s head, and then Campbell’s low hit, have been an issue all season. Newton said he didn’t know yet if his conversation with Goodell would cause any change. But he appreciated getting the chance to express his concerns.

“Anytime you’re being heard, obviously, with a person of his magnitude, I respect that,” Newton said, via AP. “I just wanted to be efficient of his time and make sure I got my point across. I believe I did. … We ended on good terms. We started on good terms as well. Nothing changes.”

Newton also made it clear that he is talking about hits within the pocket. Many have argued his points by saying he shouldn’t be protected when he runs. He knows that. [/restrict]