WELLINGTON, 30 OCTOBER 2017 (TVNZ) — There are calls for a commission of enquiry into New Zealand’s relationship with its territory Tokelau, following a breakdown in relations. [restrict

Leaked documents to 1 NEWS show a rocky partnership over the years amid claims there’s been too much of a hands off approach.

The documents show a raft of problems ranging from poor governance to an ineffective public service.

New Zealand gives its tiny territory around $16 million (US$10.9 million) a year, that is more than $11,000 (US$7, 544) per person.

In 2014 it refused to pay out, saying the results achieved didn’t justify the amount spent and there was a perceived culture of entitlement.

Two senior officials have been blamed, but observers say it is the system that’s dysfunctional and they’re calling for a commission of inquiry into the relationship.

It also has complicated layers of government. New Zealand has the power to override any decision and the island nation sometimes feels bullied.

On the flip side our government has the obligation to protect tax payers’ money.

Fixing the fragile relationship is key to Tokelau’s future..pacnews [/restrict]