4 for Pres, 3 for VP, 24 for Senate and 33 for HOD

By : L.N. Reklai

August 3, 2016 (Koror) 4 people filed candidacy petitions for the Office of the President, 3 for the Office of the Vice President, 24 for the Senate and 33 for House of Delegates before the close of business day on Wednesday, August 3, a deadline date for filing petition of candidacy,  according to the Office of Election Commission.


For the Office of the President, the candidates are incumbent President Tommy E. Remengesau Jr., current Senator Surangel Whipps Jr., current Senator Sandra Pierantozzi and current Vice President Antonio Bells.

For the Office of the Vice President, confirmed are current Koror Governor Yositaka Adachi, current Senator Arnold Oilouch and current Senator Mlib Tmetuchel.

Primary election for the Office of the President and Office of Vice President will be held on September 27, 2016, prior to national election on November 1st.

For the Olbiil Era Kelulau (national congress) 24 candidates vying for the 13 seats in the Senate are incumbent senators Elias Camsek Chin, Hokkons Baules, Mason Whipps, Mark Rudimch, J. Uduch Senior, Rukebai Inabo ,Phillip Reklai and Regis Akitaya.  New candidates are current Delegate Frank Kyota, former Senator Seit Andres, Rebecca Sebalt Ngirmechaet, former Senator Santy Asanuma, Aric Nakamura, former Senator Steven Kanai, former governor John Skebong, Dr. Steven Kuartei, Satoru Adachi, former Vice President Kerai Mariur, current Minister of Health Greg Ngirmang, Alan Marbou, former Minister Faustina K. Rehuher, and Surech Bells.

For 16 seats in House of Delegates, some states have unchallenged candidates and others have more than 3, bringing total contenders to 33.

States with unopposed candidates are Aimeliik State with current delegate Marino Ngemaes, Airai State with former governor Vicky Kanai, Angaur with current delegate Mario Gulibert, Kayangel with current Noah Kemesong, Ngchesar with current delegate Sabino Anastacio,  and Ngatpang State with current delegate Lee Otobed.

For states with more than one candidate, Koror State has 3, Mengkur Rechuldak, current delegate Alexander Merep and Jennifer Sugiyama. Melekeok State has 2, Kevin Mesebeluu and current delegate Lencer Basilius.  Sonsorol State has 2, current delegate Yutaka Gibbons Jr. and Celestine Yangilmau.  Ngiwal State has 5, Francis Llecholch, Krispin Termeteet, current delegate Masasinge Arurang, Eugene Termeteet, and Jeff Ngirarsaol.  Peleliu has 3, current delegate Jonathan Cio Isechal, Joe Giramur, Nace Soalablai.  Ngaremlengui has 2, Portia Franz and current delegate Swenny Ongidobel.  Ngardmau State has 3, Tiare Holm, current delegate Lucio Ngiraiwet and Fermin Meriang.  Ngarchelong has 3, Masao Salvador, Lily Ulitech, and Dilmai Saiske.  Ngaraard State has 2, current delegate Gibson Kanai and Dwight Alexander.  Hatohobei State has 2, current delegate Sebastian Marino and Wayne Andrew. [/restrict]