In the spirit of the Christmas season, the motorcycle group known as the Thunder Chiefs organized its first candy run across the region of Babeldaob on Sunday December 22. Through the help of the chiefs of each respective state, the group were able to meet up and distribute their gifts to the kids.

Gifts of candies and toys were distributed to children across Babeldaob.  Members of the Thunder Chiefs motorcycle group donated about $500 toward the gifts.  The initial plan was for school supplies but the group decided to donate candies and toys for this year.

Kolas Eriich, one of the members from the Thunder Chiefs said that their first candy run was a success. The number of kids that showed up to the event met the group’s expectations and there were enough presents to go around. Additionally, he says that the Thunder Chiefs would like to do this again next year and in doing so, they hope extend their reach further and get the elementary schools in Babeldaob involved.

Thunder Chiefs expressed appreciation to the families that brought their kids Christmas candy run event and to the many people that supported the Thunder Chiefs during the candy run. (Telbakes Yano)