On the 75th anniversary year of the Battle of Peleliu, the nephew of Captain Haldane, who was the Commanding Officer of Company K, 3rd Battalion 5th Marines, this week visited Peleliu.

Former USMC Stephen Moore and his wife Billie were taken by Peleliu residents to the area on Bloody Nose Ridge where historians believe Captain Haldane’s life was taken on Hill 140 on the 12th October 1944 by a Japanese sniper as Haldane looked over the parapet to direct the battalion’s fire.

Captain Haldane was a revered figure in the 1st Marine Division, and his compassion for his troops was well documented, including in the famous Marine Corp memoirs of RV Burgin ‘Islands of the Damned’ and Eugene Sledge ‘With the Old Breed’, as well as in the HBO miniseries ‘The Pacific’. (PR)