There’s a new gallery in Palau, which will sell books, high-end art object and other Palau-inspired arts.

On April 7, Palau Pacific Resort opened the Captain Wilson Gallery. The gallery is a extension of the Etpison Museum and will also feature the work of resident Dutch – born artist and photographer Mandy Etpison.


The opening of the gallery was also used as an occasion to launch a new publication called “Palau in Europe” by Etpison and Constanz Dupont.

Etpison said the catalog features Palauan artifacts collected by Europeans since 1783. Etpison said that the catalog features Palauan collections, which ended up in different museums in Europe,

The catalog was made possible through working with the museums from the different countries by collection of photos of the Palau items. Etpison said this publication is way to showcase those items that ended up on different museums to the Palauan people.

Etpison said that there were Palauan artifacts that Palausns themselves never get to see or known about. The publication is a way to show that some of them still exist in museums in Europe. [/restrict]