By: L.N. Reklai

October 30, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Two separate tragic car accidents claimed two lives this past weekend, one in Airai and one in Koror.

In early hours of Saturday morning, October 28, police received a call of a traffic accident at Meselchebeluu, Airai and a request for ambulance.   The victim, identified as 20 year old Ms. Kerrie Ngelm Ngiraibai died when her vehicle hit an electric pole at Mesechelbeluu, Airai.


According to police report, rescuers were unable to get pulse from the victim at the site.  She was transported to Belau National Hospital and was pronounced death.

The second traffic accident occurred around midnight on Ernguul Road in front of Tree D Motel at Topside on Sunday, October 29.

According to police report, a car driven by Robin Ngirbabul with a passenger Kailiko Jordan Aquon was speeding toward Topside when it collided with a car driven by Daniel Makilong going toward downtown Koror.

Occupants of both vehicles were seriously injured.  Both Robin Ngirbabul and Kailiko Aquon were injured but conscious at the scene.  Makilong was seriously injured and unconscious at the scene. All were transported to the hospital but Makilong did not recover from his injuries and was pronounced death shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Both accidents are being investigated. [/restrict]