By: L.N. Reklai

May 19, 2017 (Koror, Palau) In the early hours of the Friday morning,  

[restrict] a driver of a white sedan speeding from Malakal area toward Madalaii hamlet of Koror, lost control of the vehicle and smashed through roped off gates of Happy Landing Gas Station, side sweeping concrete column post and smashed into a concrete wall.  The force was such that the entire wall broke into pieces with some pieces smashing into a window of a parked vehicle.

According to unofficial reports, two vehicles were racing from Malakal area toward Madalii in early morning of May 19th when one of the cars lost control, swiped the other car and went off the road toward Happy Landing Gas Station.

The driver was identified as Texterian Tabelual . Police report states that Mr. Tabelual vehicle side- swiped another vehicle driven by Mr. Christopherson Jefferson before it went off road and smashed through Happy Landing Gas station wall.

Mr. Tabelual was taken to police station for sobriety test and was reported to have passed the test. Mr. Tabelual was charged with Reckless Driving/Property Damage.

Mr. Tabelual sustained no injuries from the accident. He was booked and confined at Koror jail for the charges mentioned. [/restrict]