As we take a step into 2021, we leave an unprecedented year behind  and enter one that is full of uncertainties, and we do so with cautious optimism.

With vaccine roll out at its initial stage, there’s optimism that the end of the COVID 19 pandemic maybe just around the corner but at the same time more questions on the vaccines’ effectiveness and potential side effects abound. 

Continued increase in daily number of infections and deaths are reported daily worldwide as more vaccines are being approved.

As recovery plans are being placed in motion here and around the world, yet news of new strains of Covid is forcing travel restrictions again, drawing a wrench in otherwise optimistic plans to resuscitate economies. 

Meanwhile, this January for Palau and for United States, new governments take over.  New people, new policies and new approaches to the novel challenges facing us, placing another unknown factor into the mix.

Plans for many of us, as individuals, as families, as businesses and as a country are definitely cautious as we take all that we face into consideration.  We are hopeful, optimistic but with heavy dose of caution as 2020 has taught us some very tough lessons.  Not everything can be predicted and we are not in full control as we think we are, not as individuals, not as a nation and not even as world of nations.

One certainty is that 2021 is here, whether we are ready or not.  Moving forward with cautious optimism is the best way forward, believing in the good but planning for all contingencies.

Happy New Year everyone!  Welcome to 2021!

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