Police say Brian Cruz’s friends claimed they were too drunk to remember what happened.

Guam – Details have been released in the vicious attack of a local body boarder and a riot at Linda’s Cafe over the weekend and it was all caught on camera.

The three prime suspects appeared in court today to face charges, while five others involved in the riot were named but did not appear in court. Meanwhile, the sole victim, Brian Cruz, continues to fight for his life.


It started last Friday night. But it ended with pro body boarder Brian Cruz unconscious and fighting for his life. The three suspects who spent the evening out with Cruz say they don’t remember anything—they were too drunk. Jaycee White, who’s accused of knocking Cruz unconscious was given the highest amount of bail at $5,000.

“Based on my reading, it’s my determination that it may be dangerous to release you. You are not being punished at this time; you are simply charged with a crime. It is a set of crimes at this point but I have concerns about this community’s safety should you be released on your own recognizance,” noted Judge Vernon Perez.

White’s co-defendants, Richard Ragadio and Alfredo Castro were given $3,000 cash bail each.

According to a magistrate report, Castro, Ragadio, White and Cruz went out Friday evening to different bars and clubs in Tumon. The four ended up at Linda’s Cafe where a riot broke out in the early Saturday morning hours. When police arrived, they found Cruz unconscious. He was rushed to the Guam Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

When Castro, Ragadio and White were interviewed, the three men told police they couldn’t recall how Cruz became unconscious because they were too intoxicated. But when police reviewed surveillance footage from the different establishments, they discovered what really happened to Cruz and who’s fist knocked him unconscious.

Police say Cruz was seen along the sidewalk of Tumon. In the video, “it appeared like he wanted to fight someone,” the report says.

“In the footage, Cruz was being held back by Defendant Ragadio. Defendant White then appears to rush at Cruz and with one punch struck Cruz’s head causing him to instantly fall and strike his head on the ground,” the report says.

Police say surveillance footage captured Ragadio, White and Castro pick up Cruz from the ground and carry him out of view of the camera. The Linda’s Cafe CCTV footage then shows that the three men—Castro, White and Ragadio—exit the vehicle and enter Linda’s Cafe. Cruz was never seen exiting the car.

Not long after, police say the three suspects exited Linda’s Cafe and approached another individual by the name of Liberty Concepcion right before the riot began. Several other men were then seen running outside of the restaurant to join in the riot. Police have identified at least four of them—Enrique Duenas, Ryan Bigler, Joven Santos and Christian Medina.

At today’s magistrate hearing, there was a question as to Ragadio’s involvement in the attack on Cruz.

“In particular your honor, it was indicated that at least the officer, while reviewing security footage, noted or saw or observed that Cruz, which is our victim in this case, was being held back by defendant Ragadio,” explained Assistant Attorney General Rogelio Batarao. “And at that point I think the defendnat White rushed to Mr. Cruz and punch Mr. Cruz in the head.”

“I do see it [in the report], but it wasn’t clear to me whether or not defendant Ragadio, who is present before you now, was holding him back in a way as to prevent a fight. Are you alleging that he was holding him back so that he did get assaulted?” asked Perez.

Ragadio then tried to interject and explain himself. “No, sir,” he said.

“I don’t wanna hear it from you, just standby.”

“Sorry,” said Ragadio.

“Based on the police report, your honor,” answered Batarao.

Their next hearing is scheduled for November 3 at 4 pm. Published in Guam News [/restrict]