Fireworks display at the National Capitol ground on October 1, 2019.

By Telbakes Yano

Just recently, Palau celebrated its 25th Independence Day at the national capitol located at Ngerulmud, Melekeok. The weather was perfect for such an event to take place, it’s almost as if God intended it to be that way.

Upon arrival, cops were seen patiently directing traffic. Then once people reach the venue, their eyes are greeted with beautiful balloon arrangement of blue and yellow. They were seen in the pillars of the building as well as the pavilions located around the capitol. The outside was not the only thing that was decorated, once a person goes into the building then what awaited them was a showcase that displayed all the notable figures and leaders of Palau. It also showed pictures of famous youth participating in various sports activities. The purpose of the showcase was the emphasis this years theme which was “celebrating a generation of visionaries, pioneers, and prodigies. To commemorate this event even further, there were Palauan Flags along with bags that were being passed around to public who were of attendance.

People of different ages and ethnicities were present for the event; the whole area was flooded with people either sitting down or just walking around with their flags checking the numerous booths that were there as well.

Accommodating a large crowd was tricky, however the performances kept the crowd entertained. Some even wanted to sit closer to the stage so they can take a picture or a video of the performers on stage. The performances kept on going until night hit and it came time for President Tommy Remengesau to speak. He presented a moving speech of how Palau became an independent nation through the efforts of its people and the friendships Palau gained from other countries. However, he still believes that are still a lot of improvements that still need to be made in order to ensure a better tomorrow for the youth.

“They are the reason why we will continue to fight against plastic pollution, IUU fishing, and other environmental degradation. They are the reason we will continue, with our brothers and sisters from across the Pacific, to tell the world there is no time to wait. We are endangered by a problem we did not create, and we will not let the world forget. We will not let the world remain inactive, as the future of our islands is endangered. And the young people are the reason why.”

After the president’s motivational speech came to its end, then it was time for another thing that the crowd was looking forward to seeing. The excitement from the crowd grew more as they count down from 3 to 1 then the fireworks flew upwards. Families and friends were all huddled up together to watch in amazement. Spectators cheered loudly as they watched the lights fill up the sky in different shapes and colors. The night ended with a boom literally, it was truly a great way to end the festivities.

A day after the celebration a conference was held in the President’s office in which they discussed their thoughts about the events. President Tommy Remengesau Jr. and Minister Baklai Temengil Chilton we’re very happy about the outcome of the events. Both extended their thanks to the sponsors and volunteers that made this event possible. Overall the Independence Day celebration was a successful one.