Over 60 women across all age groups and business interests gathered for a business network/mixer event hosted by Palau Chamber of Commerce at Palau Royal Resort last night and sponsored by UNDP and UNODC.  It is first such mixer event aimed specifically at women entrepreneurs in Palau.

The highlight of the event is the release of the very first Anti-Corruption Toolkit for Palau’s Women Entrepreneurs, made possible with grant support from UN Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption Project, Australian government and New Zealand government.

The toolkit is a product of an earlier Women Doing Business Workshop held in Palau in March of this year where information was gathered from the participants and put together by local consultant Ltelatk Fritz of WillBSoil Business Services.

“The main purpose of this UN-PRAC Project, funded by UNDP and UNODC, is to help women doing business, including those interested in being or becoming entrepreneurs, in Palau to understand and identify what corruption is and its different manifestations, how to do business with integrity, and how to protect your business, whether small, medium or big, against corruption.” Palau Chamber of Commerce.

“Entrepreneurship in the pacific has been growing in the last 20 years, especially women entrepreneurs.  Women in business are disproportionately affected by the effect of corruption,” reported Sonja Stefanovska-Trajanoska, UNDP Anti-corruption advisor during a virtual presentation to the women entrepreneurs.

The toolkit provide women in business means of identifying corrupt practices, and addressing them properly, ensuring protection of their business and reputation.

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