Several social media posts have circulated recently of a Chinese man by the name of Hang Tian in possession of a Napoleon Wrasse. People on the Facebook platform called Voices of Palau were outraged by this and believe that this man should be given a fine for this crime.

Ref. 27 PNCA 1204 states that it is against law to fish for, sell, buy, receive, possess, export or cause to be exported any Napoleon Wrasse regardless of where such species may have originated. Fines for these crimes can go from $250 (1st offense) to $5000 (more than 3 offenses) including jail time between 1 month (2nd offense) to 1 year (more than 3 offenses).

The Division of Fish and Wildlife Protection are aware of these social media posts and are currently trying to take care of the situation. According to a source, they contacted the Immigration Office in order to track him down.

However, the source says that Mr. Hang Tian is currently off island at the moment and they will await his return so that he can be taken into questioning. The source added that she believes that Hang Tian was probably incapable of capturing this fish and that unknown locals might’ve been the one’s that gave him the fish in the first place.

Finally, the Division of Fish and Wildlife Protection encourages the public to go to their office building located at the Ice Box area or to call 488-2487 in order to report wildlife crimes. (Telbakes Yano)