Visitor arrivals from China doubled up in February if compared to January tourism performance, according to the recent statistics from the Palau Visitors Authority (PVA).

PVA statistics revealed that Chinese tourists that visited Palau last February reached 4,070, which is twice higher than the Chinese tourists arrivals in January which was only at 2,083.

It was in January 31 when a new airline, Palau Asia Pacific Air (PAPA), had its inaugural flight from Hong Kong and Macau to Palau. The airline flies the route thrice a week.

Japan market also shows slight increase from 1,959 tourists in January to 2,060 Japanese tourist arrivals in February. Other markets that show increase this month are Taiwan with a record of 923 in January to 1,095 in February, USA/Canada with a record of 626 in January to 702 in February, and Europe from 312 in January to 439 in February.

Korean market also showed slight decrease from 1,171 arrivals in January down to 1,037 in February.

The overall tourist arrivals in February was at 9,775 which is 2,643 lower than the arrivals in the same month last year which was recorded at 12,418. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)