By: L.N. Reklai

The Syrian family of 4, a mother and 3 sons, who arrived in Palau in December seeking temporary asylum, has been given sanctuary by the Palau catholic church while awaiting response from UN Office in Canberra, Australia, where they have applied for asylum status.


Saada Al Taweel  and her three minor sons, from Syria in Middle East were set to be deported back on to Malaysia last week.

Mrs. Taweel and her sons were supported by her brother, a citizen of New Zealand who have helped fund their escape from the war torn Syria.

The family arrived in Palau on December 14 with plans to leave by February 15 to either Australia or New Zealand, countries they’ve applied for refugee status.

According to their attorney Moses Uludong, Immigration have ordered them to depart to their point of origin and they have filed a request to the President asking for temporary asylum until they get the response from the UN Commission on Refugees based in Canberra where they’ve submitted application for refugee status.

Last week, Palau catholic church offered the family sanctuary while they await the result of their request.

The family fled their war-torn country of Syria to Malaysia and had applied for refugee status in Australia or New Zealand.  They are financed by their relative, who is a citizen of New Zealand. [/restrict]