APIA,22 APRIL 2020 (SAMOA OBSERVER) —Samoa Police Commissioner, Fuiavailiili Egon Keil, has confirmed that Customs uncovered 200 grams of cocaine on Tuesday in a rare seizure with a street value of an estimated $200,000(US$72,000).

Speaking to the Samoa Observer, the Commissioner commended Customs for finding the cocaine.

“Cocaine is hard to find in the Pacific particularly Samoa, and yet it is here, the street value is over $200,000,” he said.

Fuiavailiili added that the cocaine was hidden inside a car part which was mailed from Mexico to Apia, Samoa with a local addressee.

“Customs tested the cocaine using their preliminary testing devices and it showed to be positive,” he said.

“We also tested the cocaine with our electronic testing device and it proved positive as well.

“We do not have an arrest now but we have some good leads that we will do a follow up on and hopefully have someone.”

He added that an investigation has been launched with Customs to make sure whoever the final person intended to take receipt of the drugs will be brought into Police custody. The Police will also seek to find out who else is involved.

“We will also put it through the Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa for testing,” the Commissioner said.

“Having cocaine coming directly to Samoa, this has raised some red flags; we have to pay close attention to our borders.

“It is because if these drugs get in and our young ones get hooked on it that would cause a huge problem here in Samoa.”

The Police Commissioner, a former policeman on the streets of Los Angeles, said that he has seen the damage that drugs can do to communities in America.

“I certainly don’t want it in Samoa. This is the biggest amount of cocaine we have found since I took post in 2015,” he said.

“We have found a lot of methamphetamine commonly known as “ice” but cocaine is rare.

“We just want the public to know that not only are we responding to our regular calls whether it is for domestic violence cases, state of emergency orders, but we are working with our border agencies 24/7  to make sure our borders are safe from other dangers.”

He added that his team of Police Officers is on top of their game when it comes to drugs.

“We also used a dog to run through it and to train our dogs to do it,” he said…. PACNEWS