Complaints from the public to the Office of the Special Prosecutor have been doubling every year since 2017, according to report filed by the OSP to the Olbiil Era Kelulau this year.
In the report, OSP reported that in 2017, they received 20 complaints and in 2018, they received 29 complaints. In 2019, they received 46 complaints and as of the 3rd quarter of this year, they’ve received 40 complaints. Most of the complaints the report says are from the general public, outside of the national and state governments.
The increase in number of complaints corresponds with increase in number of cases as well. According to the report, there are 79 current cases under investigation from previous years. These include 4 cases from 2017, 16 from 2018 and 27 from in 2019.
Office of Special Prosecutor attributes the increasing number of reported cases to their public outreach programs as well as word of mouth.
“Since I arrived in August 2018, the OSP caseload has steadily grown. I believe this is in direct proportion to not only our outreach efforts but our effort to be transparent with the filings and results of our cases,” stated Special Prosecutor April Dawn Cripps.
Office of Special Prosecutor has been prosecuting primarily corruption cases but has also taken on other cases such as illegal gambling and human-trafficking.

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