The complete streets initiative is moving forward with the pilot project at the Asahi Road in Koror State.

Xavier Matsutaro, Palau’s Climate Change Coordinator said that in coordination with the organization Kotel A Deureng and Koror State Government the initiative will make the roads in the island nation accessible for everyone, from motorists, bikers and pedestrians.


“Complete Streets” is a United States movement, which “ integrates people and place in the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of transportation networks.”

Matsutaro said the project encourages   public involvement is  in instituting changes on the streets in order to address congestion, creation of sidewalks, bicycle facilities and street beautification to encourage pedestrians to walk more.

He said the pilot project has elicited the help of Koror State Elementary students who designed the Asahi Road complete street project.

This early, Matsutaro said the project would be extended beyond the Asahi Road to the Bethlehem Park.

He said the initiative would also improve the health of the population, ease traffic congestion because people will be more encouraged to walk.

Matsutaro said by April, the project would break ground. [/restrict]