RAROTONGA, 07 JUNE 2018 (RNZ PACIFIC) — The leader of the opposition Cook Islands Democratic Party says she’s feeling very positive about next week’s general election and there is a real chance she will become the nation’s first female Prime Minister.

Tina Browne said the Democrats were campaigning on issues that mattered to the people, including the cost of living, especially in the outer islands, political reform, taxes, fixing roads and depopulation.

Browne said there has been a lot of positive feedback about the candidates they were fielding.

“We’ve been campaigning also on that platform, the basis not only that we have, the Democratic Party has an increased number of females standing,” she said.

“But also the fact that if we do get in and I do get the seat for Rakahanga then yeah it’ll be the first female Prime Minister for the Cook Islands.”

Browne said she hoped the Democrats would win an outright majority of seats but if necessary they would negotiate with independents and the One Cook Islands Movement after the election on June the 14…..PACNEWS